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Al Tubbergen

After more than 17 years of seeing of people from all different walks of life and different economic backgrounds overpaying on taxes and other financial expenses and throwing money at ideas and not getting measurable results, I looked for real solutions with measurable results.

I have a passion for helping folks keep more of the money they earn.  This allows for greater financial success and independence and  greater growth.

Our Approach

It's simple really.   It's not a "salesy" process.

We look for tangible results for you in a no-cost review of your current business situation and see if you have missed any of the keys that 7/10 business owners are missing in their business that keeps more of the profits in your business and financial situation.

Once you have a general understanding of what the results might look like, we verify our findings and provide an implementation plan to make it happen.  Once your savings are realized, we get compensated a portion of the actual savings that you would not have received without our process.

Next Step...

A simple 17 minute Discovery session is an easy way to uncover opportunities that many have yet to take advantage that can lead to greater profits, growth and financial liberty.  Don't worry.  We can work with your existing consultants. No break off existing relationships to benefit.